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Archived Class Calendars

Fall Calendar 2022     Due to Covid-19, Classes Are Limited to Six Persons


1 Cutting Room: Film Editing (Truth or Consequences, NM)

8 The History of British High Tea (Victoria, British Columbia)

15 Cinematography: Getting the Shot (Pine, Arizona)

22 Art and Poetry (Santa Fe, NM))

29 In Shadows: Photographing Nature (Silver City, NM)


5: Music and Meditation (Truth or Consequences, NM)

12:Abstract Painting (Truth or Consequences, NM)

19:Color and Art (Las Cruces, NM)

26 Desert Trees (Caballo, NM)


3: Writing the Sand (White Sands, NM)

10: Pretty Words: Writing Dialogue (Truth or Consequences, NM)

17: Encounters—Looking Ahead to 2023 (Truth or Consequences, NM)

Summer Calendar 2022 

Due to Covid-19, Classes Are Limited to Six Persons


2 How Do You Want to Feel? (Leadville, CO)

9 Breathwork and Health (Denver, CO)

16 Resting as an Artform (Leadville, CO)

23 Meandering in the Mountains-Biodiversity Studies (Granite, CO)

30 Abstract Painting (Aspen, CO)


6 Music and the Human Brain (Leadville, CO)

13 Gardening at Altitude (Buena Vista, CO)

20 Reflecting Art (Santa Fe, NM)

27 Writing for Self-Discovery (Truth or Consequences, NM)


3 Mexican Light and Photography (San Miguel de Allende, Mexico)

10 Appreciating Art and Architecture (Truth or Consequences, NM)

17 Poetry and the Forest (Silver City, NM)

24 Salsafest—Studying Food Cultures (Las Cruces, NM)

Spring Calendar 2022    


2 Art and Color in Architecture (Williamsburg, NM)

9 Art Encounters (Truth or Consequences, NM)

16 Dancing the Full Moon (Elephant Butte, NM)

23 Earth Day Celebration (Truth or Consequences, NM)

30 Poetry and Light Workshop (Caballo, NM)


7 Music and Fiesta (Truth or Consequences, NM)

14 Cinematic Narratives with Ariel Dougherty (Silver City, NM)

21 Capturing Sunset–Photography in the Desert (Turtleback Mountain, NM)

28 Healing Waters (Truth of Consequences, NM)


4 Inspiration and Creativity (Truth or Consequences, NM)

11 Santa Fe Architecture (Santa Fe, NM)

18 Music and Meditation (Leadville, CO)

25 Studies in Nature (Leadville, CO)

Winter Calendar 2022


8 Creativity and Vision – Art Walk (Truth or Consequences, NM)

15 Happiness and Healing (Truth or Consequences, NM)

22 Poetry at the Lake (Elephant Butte, NM)

29 Dream Messages (Cuchillo, NM)


5 History of the Apache (Truth of Consequences, NM)

12 Light Loops – Art Walk (Truth of Consequences, NM)

19 Territorial Photography (Old Mesilla, NM)

26 Walking Meditation (White Sands, NM)


5 Healing Waters (Truth or Consequences, NM)

12 Art and Architecture: Art Walk (Truth or Consequences, NM)

19 The Beauty of the Birds (Bosque del Apache, NM)

26 Exploring the Gila Cliff Dwellings (Silver City, NM)

Fall Calendar 2021


2 Cactus Gardening (Truth or Consequences, NM)

9 Creativity and Vision – Art Walk (Truth or Consequences, NM)

16 Cinematography: Getting the Shot (Silver City, NM)

23 Film Fiesta (Truth or Consequences, NM))

30: In Shadows: Photographing Nature (Chloride, NM)


6: Meditation Workshop (Truth of Consequences, NM)

13: Art and Poetry – Art Walk (Truth of Consequences, NM)

20: Color and Art (Las Vegas, NV)

27 Dream Workshop (Las Vegas, NV)


4: Writing the Sand  (White Sands, NM)

11: Light Loops: Art Walk (Truth or Consequences, NM)

18: Encounters—Looking Ahead to 2022 (Truth or Consequences, NM)

Summer Calendar 2021


3 Dream Messages (Leadville, Colorado)

10 In Shadows – Nature Photography (Summit County, Colorado)

17 Peak: Mountain Photography (Leadville, Colorado)

24 Music and Meditation (Grand Junction, Colorado)

31 Poetry in the Clouds (Aspen, Colorado)


7: Ghosts Towns of Colorado (Leadville, Colorado)

14: Hiking Interlaken (Twin Lakes, Colorado)

21: The Art of Making Movies (Leadville, Colorado)

28 Happiness and Healing (Buena Vista, Colorado)


4: Peacefulness and Water (Leadville, Colorado)

11Wilderness and Writing (Leadville, Colorado))

18: Breath and Sunlight (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

25: Art and Architecture (Las Cruces, New Mexico)

Spring Calendar 2021


3 Capturing Waves-Photographing the Ocean (Colwood, British Columbia)

10 Writing Memories-The Art of Memoir  (Victoria, British Columbia)

17 Art and Architecture (Victoria, British Columbia )

24 Dream Workshop (Sidney, British Columbia)


1: Ocean Tidal Pools (Port Renfrew, British Columbia)

8: Hiking Pacific Rim National Park (Tofino, British Columbia)

15: Music and Meditation (Victoria, British Columbia)

22: Nature Studies at Morley Nelson Birds of Prey (Murphy, Idaho)

29: Photography in the Mountains (Leadville, Colorado)


5: Poetry by Candlelight (Leadville, Colorado)

12: Creativity and Vision (Twin Lakes, Colorado))

19: Poetry in the Clouds (Leadville, Colorado)

26: Color and Art (Buena Vista, Colorado)

Winter Calendar 2021


9 Dream Workshop (Victoria, British Columbia)

16 Inspired: Writing Poetry (Victoria, British Columbia)

23 Cinematography: Getting the Shot (Victoria, British Columbia )

30 Creativity and Vision (Victoria, British Columbia)


6: Art and Architecture (Victoria, British Columbia)

13: Music and Meditation (Victoria, British Columbia

20: The Art of Making Movies (Victoria, British Columbia)

27 Walking Meditation (Victoria, British Columbia)


6: Music and Meditation  (Victoria, British Columbia)

13: Writing the Ocean (Victoria, British Columbia)

20: Memoir and Memories (Victoria, British Columbia)

27: Camera Angles in Film (Victoria, British Columbia)

Fall Calendar 2020


3 Cutting Room: Film Editing (Leadville, Colorado)

10 Creativity and Vision (Leadville, Colorado)

17 Cinematography: Getting the Shot (Leadville, Colorado)

24 Score: Music in Film (Leadville, Colorado)

31: In Shadows: Photographing Nature (Bellingham, Washington)


7: Meditation Workshop (Victoria, British Columbia)

14: Poetic Inspiration (Victoria, British Columbia

21: Art and Architecture (Victoria, British Columbia)

28 Walking Meditation (Victoria, British Columbia)


5: Writing the Ocean  (Victoria, British Columbia)

12: Light Loops: Making Movies (Victoria, British Columbia)

19: Encounters—Looking Ahead to 2021 (Victoria, British Columbia)

Winter, 2020

4 Creativity and Vision (Palm Springs, California)
11 Photography in Joshua Tree (Indio, California)
18 Cutting Room – Film Editing (Palm Desert, California)
25 Poetic Inspiration (Grand Junction, Colorado)

1 Dream Workshop (Palm Springs, California)
8 Photography Filters (Palm Desert, California)
15 Live Theater: The Last Ship (Los Angeles, California)
22 Walking Meditation (Palm Desert, California)
29 The Art of Making Movies (Palm Desert, California)

7 Painting with Non-Dominant Hand (Palm Springs, California))
14 The World of Color (Palm Desert, California)
21 Joshua Tree Inspiration (Indio, California)
28 Writing Poetry (Palm Desert, California)

Fall Calendar 2019

5 Color and Art (Hamilton, Ontario)
12 Dream Workshop (Hamilton, Ontario)
19 Visionary Photography (Hamilton, Ontario)
26 Poetic Inspiration (Hamilton, Ontario)

2 Nature Photography (Evergreen, Colorado)
9 Health and Fitness (Salida, Colorado)
16 Light Loops—Making Movies (Leadville, Colorado)
23 Cutting Room: Film Editing (Leadville, Colorado)
30 Cinematography: Getting the Shot (Leadville, Colorado)

7 Messages in Dreams (St. George, Utah)
14 Studies in Geology—The Desert (Palm Desert, California)
21 Art and Architecture (Palm Springs, California)
28 Music and Meditation (Palm Desert, California)

Summer Calendar 2019

6 Poetry in the Clouds (Leadville, Colorado)
13 Creativity and Vision (Leadville, Colorado)
20 Success in Film Editing–Writing Poetry (Leadville, Colorado)
27 Light Loops: Making Movies (Leadville, Colorado)

3 Peak: Mountain Photography (Leadville, Colorado)
10 Music and Meditation (Leadville, Colorado)
17 Character Development in Script (Leadville, Colorado)
24 Story-telling in Opera (Santa Fe, New Mexico)
31 Live Performances on Stage (Leadville, Colorado)

7 Candlelight—Writing Poetry (Hamilton, Ontario)
14 Dream Messages (Hamilton, Ontario)
21 Cutting Room—Film Editing (Hamilton, Ontario)
28 Tone: Movie Soundtracks (Hamilton, Ontario)

Spring Calendar 2019

6 Memoir and Memories (Evergreen, Colorado)
13 Walking Meditation (Leadville, Colorado)
20 Candlelight–Writing Poetry (Leadville, Colorado)
27 Style in Film Directing (Palm Springs, California)

4 Score–Music in Film (Palm Springs, California)
11 Back to One—A History of Movies (Palm Springs, California)
18 Visionary Photography (Palm Springs, California)
25 Back Story: Working with Actors (Las Vegas, Nevada)

1: In Shadows–Nature Photography (Grand Junction, Colorado)
8 Flight–Drone Photography (Leadville, Colorado)
15 Cutting Room—Film Editing (Leadville, Colorado)
22 Music and Meditation (Leadville, Colorado)
29 Wilderness and Words (Leadville, Colorado)

 Archived Class Calendars

Winter Calendar 2019


5  Tone: Movie Soundtracks (Leadville, Colorado)

12  Light Angles in Film (Leadville, Colorado)

19  Poetry and Impulse  (Leadville, Colorado)

26  Cinematography: Getting the Shot (Las Vegas, Nevada)


2  Movie Madness: A Film Frenzy (Palm Springs, California)

9  Skills in Film Editing (Palm Springs, California)

16  Art and Technology (Palm Springs, California)

23  Choreographing Action Scenes (Los Angeles, California)


2  Writing the Ocean (Los Angeles, California)

9  The World of Color (Las Vegas, Nevada)

16  Character Development in Dialogue (Evergreen, Colorado)

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Fall Calendar 2018


6  Poetic Inspiration (Hamilton, Ontario)

13  Full Red: Color Photography Workshop (Toronto, Ontario)

20 Butterflies: France in World War II (Bayeux, France)

27 Light and French Impressionism (Gilles, France)


3 Pretty Words: Writing Dialogue (Hamilton, Ontario)

10 Style in Scriptwriting (St. Paul, Minnesota)

17 Techniques in Film Editing (St. Paul, Minnesota)

24 Color Play: Enhancing Photographs (St. Paul, Minnesota)


1 Score: Music in Film (St. Paul, Minnesota)

8 Messages in Dreams (St. Paul, Minnesota)

15 Visionary Photography (St. Paul, Minnesota)

22 Color and Art (Evergreen, Colorado)

29 Pulling Out the Stops: Looking Ahead to 2019 (Evergreen, Colorado)

Summer Calendar 2018


14 Scriptwriting (Leadville, CO)

21 Editing Photographs (Leadville, CO)

28 The Art of Making Movies (Leadville, CO)


4 Creating Movie Soundtracks (Leadville, CO)

11 Editing Films (Leadville, CO)

18 Enjoying Opera – Madame Butterfly (Santa Fe, NM)

25 Poetry Workshop (Leadville, CO)


1 Writing Dialogue (Leadville, CO)

8 Walking Meditation (Leadville, CO)

15 Health and Fitness (Hamilton, ON)

22 Structure in Creativity (Thornbury, ON)

29 Dream Workshop (Hamilton, ON)

Spring Calendar 2018


7 Sound Production in Film (Tucumcari, NM)

14 Screenwriting (Tucumcari, NM)

21 Studies in Geology (El Malpais National Monument, NM)

28 Poetry Workshop (Leadville, CO)


5 Wilderness Studies (Leadville, CO)

12 Songwriting (Leadville, CO)

19 Nature Photography (Zion National Park, UT)

26 Native Ceremonies (Monument Valley, UT)


2 Walking Meditation (Leadville, CO)

9 Health and Fitness (Leadville, CO)

16 Film Production (Leadville, CO)

23 Writing Poetry (Moffat, CO)

30 Dream Workshop (Leadville, CO)

Winter Calendar 2018


6 Structure in Creativity (Long Beach, California)

13 Writing Dialogue (Lompoc, California)

20 Sundance Film Festival (Park City, Utah)

27 Photographing Utah (Utah Field Trip


3 Screenwriting (Leadville, Colorado)

10 Editing Film (Leadville, Colorado)

17 Music in Film (Leadville, Colorado)

24 Camera Angles in Film (Leadville, Colorado)


3 Poetry (Leadville, Colorado)

10 Health and Fitness (Grand Junction, Colorado)

17 Film Production (Los Angeles, California)

24 Writing Poetry (Los Angeles, California)

31 Writing Songs (Los Angeles, California)

Fall Calendar 2017


7 Writing Dialogue (Hamilton, Ontario)

14 Creativity Workshop (Hamilton, Ontario)

21 Film Production (Calabogie, Ontario)

28 Art and Architecture (Toronto, Ontario)


4 Song Writing (Hamilton, Ontario)

11 Photography Workshop (St. Paul, MN)

18 Screenwriting (Tucumcari, NM)

25 Film Production (Tucumcari, NM)


2 Poetry Workshop (Leadville, CO)

9  Health and Fitness (Leadville, CO)

16 Music and Meditation (Phoenix, AZ)

23 Film Production (Las Vegas, NV)

30 Dream Workshop (Palm Springs, CA)

Summer Calendar 2017


1 Music and Meditation (Tucumcari, New Mexico)

8 The Film Business: The Art of Table Reads (Leadville, Colorado)

15 The Film Business: Scouting Locations (Leadville, Colorado)

22 The Film Business: Film Production (Leadville, Colorado)

29 The Film Business: Editing (Leadville, Colorado)


5 The Film Business: Sound Production (Leadville, Colorado)

12 Health and Fitness (Grand Junction, Colorado)

19 Writing Poetry (Taos, New Mexico)

26 Dream Workshop (Pagosa Springs, Colorado)


2 Telluride Film Festival (Telluride, Colorado)

9 Creative Memoir (Leadville, Colorado)

16 Structure in Creativity (Leadville, Colorado)

23 Nature Photography (Leadville, Colorado)

30 Art and Architecture (Leadville, Colorado)

Spring Calendar 2017


1 Structure in Creativity (Grand Junction, Colorado)

8 Writing Dialogue (Leadville, Colorado)

15 Enhancing Photographs (Leadville, Colorado)

22 Music and Meditation (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

29 Screenwriting (Leadville, Colorado)


6 Poetry (Leadville, Colorado)

13 Health and Fitness (Grand Junction, Colorado)

20 Sound Meditation (Tucumcari, New Mexico)

27 Dream Workshop (Tucumcari, New Mexico)


3 Story Structure and Character Development (Leadville, Colorado)

10 Creative Memoir (Grand Junction, Colorado)

17 Nature Photograph (Tucumcari, New Mexico)

24 High Desert Geology (Tucumcari, New Mexico)

Winter Calendar 2016-2017


3 Writing Dialogue (Leadville, CO),

10 Creativity Workshop (Leadville, CO),

17 Architecture and Art (Phoenix, AZ),

23 Studies in Geology (Grand Canyon, AZ),

31 Photography Workshop (Flagstaff, AZ)


7 Health Workshop (Grand Junction, CO)

14 Poetry in the Snow (Leadville, CO)

21 Film Studies (Park City, UT)

28 Film and Oceanography (Santa Barbara, CA)


4 Taste of Los Angeles Tour (Los Angeles, CA)

11 History of California Missions (Lompoc, CA)

18 Hearst Castle Tour (San Simeon, CA)

25 Film Production Workshop (Los Angeles, CA)


4 Writing Scripts (Santa Barbara, CA)

11 Dream Workshop (Los Angeles, CA)

18 Desert Photography (Sedona, AZ)

25 Meditation Workshop (Santa Fe, NM)

Fall Calendar 2016


3-4 Photography at the Ocean (Los Angeles)

10-11 Poetry Workshop (Grand Junction)

17-18 Studies in Geology (Kansas)

24-25 Revolutionary American History (Boston)


1-2 Wilderness and Writing (Maine)

8-9 Art and Architecture (Quebec)

15-16 Writing Poetry (Toronto)

22-23 Health and Fitness Workshop (Toronto)

29-30 Writing Dialogue (Toronto)


5-6 History of River Boats (New Orleans)

12-13 Writing Biography (New Orleans)



14-15 Writing Family History (Toronto)

21-22 Meditation Workshop (Toronto)

28-29 Techniques in Editing (Toronto)


4-5 Writing Dialogue (Toronto)

11-12 Color Photography Workshop (Toronto)

18-19 Meditation (Niagara Falls)

20-23 Great Lakes Science Field Trip (Ontario)

25-26 Art and Architecture of Minneapolis


9-10 Wilderness Workshop (Leadville Campus)

16-17 Health and Fitness Workshop (Leadville Campus)

23-24 Poetry Workshop (Leadville Campus)

30-31 Photography in the Mountains (Leadville Campus)


13-15 Meditation (Santa Fe)

20-21 Study in Opera (Santa Fe)

27-28 Study in Film (Los Angeles)