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Classes and Field Trips


For almost thirty years, ZCI has offered classes in a wide variety of subjects of interest to our students and about which our volunteer teachers are passionate:

Art, Music, Film, Philosophy, Film, Science, Dreamshops, Writing, Poetry, Mechanics, Science, Health, Economics, Languages, Fitness, Computer and Wilderness are the most popular fields of study. See the calendar for more information.




Travel is the most enjoyable and intense educational experience of any learning opportunity. ZCI has been a proud leader in travel education with over 300 field trips:

Most states of America. A sampling:

Colorado—Wilderness and Writing

New Mexico—Wildlife and Philosophy

Louisiana—Cultural History and Photography

Illinois—Art and Ecology

California—Film and Oceanography

Florida—Biology and Cultural Anthropology


Foreign Countries. A Sampling:

France—Language and Culinary

Spain and Portugal—Economics and Leadership

Germany and Switzerland—Music and Business

Great Britain—Castles and Culture

Mexico—Botany and Yoga


China—Health and Technology

New Zealand and Australia—Photography and Dreamshop