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Fall Calendar 2022     Due to Covid-19, Classes Are Limited to Six Persons


1 Cutting Room: Film Editing (Truth or Consequences, NM)

8 The History of British High Tea (Victoria, British Columbia)

15 Cinematography: Getting the Shot (Pine, Arizona)

22 Art and Poetry (Santa Fe, NM))

29 In Shadows: Photographing Nature (Silver City, NM)


5: Music and Meditation (Truth or Consequences, NM)

12:Abstract Painting (Truth or Consequences, NM)

19:Color and Art (Las Cruces, NM)

26 Desert Trees (Caballo, NM)


3: Writing the Sand (White Sands, NM)

10: Pretty Words: Writing Dialogue (Truth or Consequences, NM)

17: Encounters—Looking Ahead to 2023 (Truth or Consequences, NM)